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This notice « Privacy » explains how we handle your information when you use our firm’s services.

1. Which are the collected information and why ?

1.1. Data of personal identification

Your name, first name, postal address, e-mail, phone number are collected so we can create the foundation of your file and so the information’s exchange, in relation to our services, is eased between you and us.

1.2. Data of legal entity identification

The social denomination, legal status, head office’s address and the n° ECB/VAT of your company are registered for us to fulfil the administrative documents related to our mission.

1.3. Accounting data

The basic identification of your customers/suppliers (name/denomination, postal address, N° ECB/VAT), your biller and the banking data relating to your company are data necessary for our mission. Messages exchanged between our firm and your company are also kept for legal protection purposes.

2. Confidentiality

Our firm will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise distribute your personal information except as required by law or if you specifically authorize it. Your information is used only within the strict framework of our mission.

Our firm is particularly attentive in the choice of its partners. All partners, involved in providing services to our firm, are European and guarantee data protection and privacy.

Due to the anti-money laundering law, the law requires us to transmit certain data to the administrative or tax authorities who will treat them according to their procedure.

3. What are your rights?

3.1. Guarantee of a fair and lawful treatment

Your personal data are always treated in conformity to the legitimate ends. They are collected and used in a way adequative, pertinent and non-excessive, furthermore they are not conserved for more time than necessity to reach the pursued ends.

All technical and security measures have been taken to limit a maximum the risk of access or of illegal or non-authorized treatment of your personal data. In case of intrusion in our informatic systems, our firm will immediately take all required measures to reduce the damages to a minimum.

3.2. Access right

If you can proof your identity, you have the right to obtain the information on the treatment of your data. Therefore, you have the right to know the treatment’s finalities, the categories of the concerned data, the categories of the recipients at which the data are transmitted, the criteria used to determine the time of conservation of the data and the rights you have on your data.

3.3. Rectification right

The personal data, incorrect or incomplete, can be corrected. It is the customer’s responsibility to alert us, in writing, of all necessity changes to their own data.

3.4. Deletion right (or “right to be forget”)

You have, furthermore, the right to obtain the deletion of your personal data in the following hypothesis:

  • Your personal data are no more necessary considering the finalities
  • You retract your consent to treatment and there is no other legal fundament to treatment
  • You have reasonably used your right to opposition
  • Your data have been illegally treated
  • Your data must be deleted in accordance with a legal obligation


3.5. Treatment’s limitation right

In some hypothesis, you have the right to ask the limitation of the treatment of your personal data, particularly in case of:

  • Contestation in view of the exactitude of data
  • Illegal treatment of your data
  • Treatment of your data as part of a legal procedure


3.6. Right to opposition

You have additionally the right to oppose at all treatment of your personal data. Our firm will stop the treatment of your personnel data, unless we can demonstrate there are legitimate and imperative motives in favour of the treatment that overrule your right to opposition.

3.7. Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain all supplied personal data in a structured format, usually used and readable by a device. At your demand, these data can be transferred to another contractor, unless it is technically impossible.

3.8. Consent’s retraction right

You can, at all moment, retract you consent to the treatment of your personal data. Your consent’s retraction does not affect the validity of the treatment’s operations prior to the retraction.

4. How to exert your rights ?

To exert your rights, you must send us a request by mail at the address

If you are not satisfied of the follow-up of your request, you can introduce a complaint to the appropriate authority in Belgium:

5. Change in our notice « Privacy »

We keep our notice “Privacy” updated and all modification will be referenced on this page. Our notice “Privacy” has last been updated on the 1st February 2019.

6. How to contact us

If you have any question concerning the present notice on the protection of the private life or if you have any question concerning us, do not hesitate to contact us by mail at the address